Executive Search for Medical Device—Science & Technology Companies

Does This Describe Your Situation?

  • One of your top executives leaves suddenly to join the management team at a competitor.
  • Your company has expanded and your management team is maxed out and cannot adequately handle the deadlines confronting them.
  • Your firm has evolved and the skills that were needed two years ago are not suitable for what the organization needs now.
  • New market challenges and new competitive pressures demand new skills not currently available in the organization.
  • Mismanagement, incompetence and falling statistics force you to make a change, but you don’t have the bench strength to move an internal executive into the now vacant position.

What is Really at Stake?

At risk as a consequence of these and similar circumstances are profits and the careers of those responsible.

Opportunities for the Global Medical Device Industry

The global medical device industry has experienced significant growth over the last five years and research indicates that the market is expected to by 2017 driven by innovation, demand from an aging global population and international expansion.

Senior management of startup, mid-sized and larger device companies have indicated that the top priorities necessary to take advantage of current and future opportunities is threefold:

  • Drive new products through the R&D and product development pipeline.
  • Expand markets to include industrialized foreign and emerging markets.
  • Improve P&L through operational excellence.


Though the opportunities for growth are clear, there are impediments that present a challenge;

  • Rising operating costs.
  • Increasing competition here and abroad.
  • Stiffening government regulations.
  • Spiraling R&D costs.
  • Longer product commercialization cycle times.

Pathway to Improved Valuation and Increased Profitability

CEOs continue to rank the acquisition and retention of talent as the most important challenge to ensure business growth. Organizational excellence is a key to achieving greater revenues and profits stakeholders. For without strong capable and focused leadership to address the barriers to success, no quantity of funding or technology will be enough.

Areas of Competence

At JP Boyle & Associates we offer you executive search for medical device companies.

Within this space we have worked for and advised companies that design, develop, manufacture and distribute Class I through Class III medical devices, systems and equipment.

What We Can Do for You

When you hire us, you have an independent adviser that can be trusted to provide an understanding of the dynamics of your business space and offer a pathway to enhancing your leadership team.

We work in close coordination with you and your top management to provide solutions in the form of leaders and subject matter experts joining your team and contributing in a meaningful way the the advance of the company.

We become an extension of you and your organization and are your “voice” to those individuals who can bring to you the capabilities and qualities that will make your organization better.

We are linked to you and your success. We do the research and gather the industry intelligence to draw up with you the road map to locating and attracting the skills in your market that will enhance the organization. What is more important is that we work with you to shape and carry forward your message that will motivate these leaders and managers to join you and fulfill your organizational vision.

Process is important but what trumps process are results. Results, in the end, are translated into increased production which leads ultimately to greater profits and valuation as a result of our association with you.

We Welcome the Opportunity for Dialog

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