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Transform Telehealth

Transform Your Telehealth Program in 90 Days

Telemedicine is transforming healthcare as we know it.

The C-suite of major healthcare institutions sees telehealth a clear priority for future success.


Telehealth promises to improve patient access, improve quality of care, and do so economically.

However, the full realization of this promise remains elusive for many health providers. There many reasons—technology, licensing, regulation, internal politics and management, to name a few.

Despite these challenges, did you know that you can quickly and inexpensively overcome the barriers to making your telehealth program sustainable, profitable and scalable?

How is this done?

Read on for specifics, outlining how you can move your telehealth program to the next level.

An Opportunity You Cannot Ignore

The global telemedicine market is predicted to become a $36 billion industry by 2020 according to leading economists. Sitting on the sidelines of this opportunity is no longer an option.

It is “Game On!” within healthcare space to seize a piece of this exponentially expanding market. Concurrently your competition is also aggressively pursuing this mammoth opportunity to reach an expanding global patient base, with no geographical boundaries.

Patents Demend

Take Advantage of What Your Patients’ Demand

Patients demand telehealth the same way they expect other online services.

Take consumer banking.

We take it for granted that we have continuous online access to our bank records via personal computer, or smart phone. We check accounts, pay bills and transfer funds every day and think nothing of it.  You would never consider doing business with a banking institution that does not offer 24 X 7 online access.

Same expectation in healthcare.

Consumers in the information age insist healthcare professionals offer state-of-the-art technologies. Just as with on-line banking, virtual visits, remote monitoring and other high tech services are expected to maximize efficiency and convenience, while enhancing quality of care.

Capitalize On Telehealth Trends

Trends You Can Capitalize On Now

Today when a patient has a health question or concern where do they go? The trend is to immediately access the internet to search Google or YouTube for answers.


Consumers expect on-demand access to information and answers in today’s information society.

Here is another driver.

Already, more than 50% of the U.S. population use personal technology to track their health. With the explosion of mobile health technology, the patient empowerment trend will continue to grow.

This is where the opportunities lie—taking advantage of the patient empowerment trend by providing direct-to-consumer telehealth.

But how do you capitalize on this?

By executing a direct to consumer telehealth implementation that contains these elements:

  • Primary care and specialist live video consultation
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Home telehealth
  • Remote diagnostic testing
  • Seamless, secure electronic transfer of personal health information
  • Medical education portal
  • On-line discussion groups with peer-to-peer support

These services are becoming the anticipated norm for health institutions to be considered a world-class care provider in the eyes of today’s healthcare consumers.

What is the first step in this process?

Get over hurdle

How to Get Over Your Biggest Hurdle

Like many aspects of healthcare, there are complexities. For you to implement digital health across multiple service areas there are a number of vital moving parts to consider—strategy, policy, quality assurance, clinical workflow, payment/reimbursement, HIPPA compliance, technology/vendor selection and many others.

The road blocks you face can be both internal and external. But first, you need to identify the road blocks in order to clear them out of your way.

Key among these are:

  • Obtaining physician utilization of virtual consultation to boost patient throughput.
  • Selecting technology to provide the necessary bandwidth, information security and platform stability to deliver a seamless doctor/patient experience that promotes its use.
  • Securing legal/regulatory clearance to operate.
  • Establishing sustainable payment, reimbursement and billing systems.

From our survey of the leaders in this space, the #1 obstacle for implementing telehealth is getting physician buy-in and participation.

Getting key opinion leaders—the department Chiefs—to champion telemedicine, comprehend its long-term value to the organization and its alignment with clinical goals is crucial, according to numerous leaders in this space.

Is there a way to accelerate change?

make or buy

Shortening your Runway to Success

The “make-or-buy” analysis has been used by manufacturing management for decades, but it can be a powerful tool beyond manufacturing. The same strategy can be applied to human resource management.

In human resources, a “make” decision means internal talent development. This relies on internal management training to groom talent for leadership positions. When done well, you have a ready internal talent pool, trained and prepared for leadership levels—but often at significant expense over significant amounts of time.

Unfortunately, developing your talent internally for a rapidly changing area, like telehealth, is a luxury few organizations can afford. Aside from the financial commitment, time is a valuable commodity you do not have, when playing catch up.

Alternatively, the “buy” decision means recruiting the talent from outside your organization, talent that has already been developed by others. Recruiting those leaders who have already succeeded in overcoming the challenges you now face.

Once these individuals have been identified, they are contacted and hear your story—your unique narrative that will persuade them to enter into dialog with you.

This is a targeted, dynamic approach—not a passive one.

You are isolating the winners in your field and bringing them on to your side.

This is not posting positions on the internet or working your network in the time available.

Rather, you want an exhaustive effort made to find and vet every potential candidate. To cull it down to those “A-list” prospects who bring the most to you.

When executed correctly, your stress is greatly reduced, “standing on the shoulders of giants”—those who can deliver for you an effective telehealth program.


Sit Down with a Telehealth Leader Who Can Guide You

At JP Boyle & Associates we help you access the knowledge base of those who have overcome the strategic and operational challenges you now confront.

Our contacts and network allow you to access a rich supply of industry “intel” that will shorten your runway to success. That access is achieved supplying you with introductions to executives interested in your goals who have shown measurable past accomplishments in overcoming these same barriers you now confront.

We deliver executive search for healthcare executives whose demands require taking the shortest route to the intended target.

We have helped organizations do this by bringing to bear our arsenal of resources to reach and recruit the leadership talent that will help you reach your goals.

Approximately half of the hospitals in the U.S. have some form of telehealth/telemedicine in operation according to The American Telemedicine Association. This tells you there is an abundant network of subject matter experts who could provide immediate value to you now.

Your first step leveraging this resource will be to clearly define your precise requirements—this will open the door to accomplishing the aims of your program. Clearly defining your objective, your organizational gaps and what you actually need to make your program successful is a crucial first step.

The process of consultation, research, screening that leads to the presentation of qualified candidates can occur in as few as 15 days. A well coordinated project will have a finalist accepting a role to join your organization 45 to 90 days from the start of the executive search.

new innovation in mHealth

How You Get Valuable Market Intelligence

Speed of delivery is essential to our clientele. That is why they choose us to help them recruit that key “difference maker” that will catalyze transformative change.

What’s a proven way to do this?

By way of example, a major health system was in the process of building a telehealth program from scratch. They lacked the internal personnel who had any record of success with building and implementing a digital health program that included virtual visits, remote monitoring, and mobile app integration.

They had exhausted their networking efforts and the internal human resources department was already overloaded.

We worked with this client to identify their primary goal, what they needed to achieve to see success. Together we defined the role, responsibilities, the essential skills and past experience that would align to these needs.

This led to the critical step of developing the client’s unique narrative, to tell their story and provide the target audience of qualified prospects, compelling reasons to desire to be seriously considered.

Our proprietary system for mining data within our extensive network of contacts, gave us the actionable information on who we needed to contact. This allowed us to initiate meaningful conversations with qualified prospects within days of launching the executive search project

In the ensuing 15 days, dozens of highly targeted prospects were screened and a slate of 3 finalists was scheduled for interviews. The combined experience of these three candidates exceeded 55 years in telehealth strategy and implementation. All of these candidates had “been there and done that” overcoming the same challenges that this client had been struggling with.

The first interviews provided a “seminar” to the client management on the best practices hard-won experience of other major programs. The step alone provided valuable insights to setting priorities moving forward with their implementation.

This example illustrates the importance of understanding your precise need. We work with you to clearly define your business objective, assemble your requirements and craft your unique and compelling message to assure your success.

act today

Information You Can Act On Today

Whether you describe it as eHealth, mHealth, telehealth or telemedicine, the promise of using the full array of these tools to lower costs, improve care and enhance outcomes is the Holy Grail for healthcare leadership.

Your success implementing telehealth in today’s increasingly complex environment can be daunting, but essential, to the success of your healthcare delivery.

Take the lead in this dynamic and powerful world of connected health. The hurdles to get over on this journey may appear overwhelming, but are in fact finite.

Don’t go it alone on. Let us help you energize your plan for success by contacting us here.

For more information on how we can help you, let’s begin a dialog.


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