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Digital Health Executive Search Firm

digital health executive search firm

How to Effectively Compete For Scarce Talent in a Competitive Market

Digital Health is highly complex.

Hiring effective executive teams can be challenging when few subject matter experts exist and the competition for their talents remains hyper competitive.

Executive search has leveled the playing field for you. Today any company can compete for talent successfully with a skilled executive search firm equipped with state-of-the-art tools, networks and market knowledge.

competing for health 2.0 talent

Competing for Talent in a Health 2.0 World

Some organizations offering new Health 2.0 technology have not hit the growth milestones expected. Navigating the healthcare ecosystem of patients, payers, health delivery systems and reimbursement, requires executive skill and knowhow that is highly valued.

Consequently, when the situation demands hiring leadership talent that possesses these specialized skills, relying on in-house recruiting efforts may be leaving money on the table.

What does this mean?

When you do a search in-house for a key executive, you may not have access to as many choices as you would like. Executives responsible for hiring report that posting positions or working their internal networks often yield disappointing results.


When in-house recruiting falls short, company executives consistently have three observations:

  • Their network is too small.
  • Their candidate choices too few.
  • The quality of their candidates not sufficient for the requirement.
problems specific to digital health companies

Problems Specific to Digital Health Companies

Today’s healthcare market demands better outcomes at lower cost.

The promise of Digital Health is to maximize 21st century technology to produce disruptive innovations to achieve these goals.

Recruiting designed to speed up the achievement of these aims can have particular challenges.

Point-of-care diagnostics leaders have looked to displace traditional lab based diagnostic tests in hospitals and in the home. For some, technical bottlenecks exist that impact test reliability, scale and price of delivery.

The rate of adoption has fallen short of the levels that POC companies have expected. Investors are looking for ways to reach the scale that make point-of-care diagnostics promises.

Wireless Health–device makers that combine wearables, smart device sensors and with wireless technology have been increasingly concerned with reliability of data, cyber security.

For the leadership of these firms patching software vulnerabilities and staying current with new software updates can make the balancing act of maintaining patient privacy, minimizing cyber attacks are ongoing concerns.

mHealth–companies that produce applications from downloadable health and fitness apps to fully developed diagnostic tools have seen their space become increasingly crowded.

Developing clear differentiation and a compelling value proposition in the B2C markets and getting adoption in the clinical B2B space has proven to be challenging for C-Suite of mobile health companies. Finding that “killer app” requires vision and leadership to pull off.

Healthcare Gamification–the use of devices that use of gaming as a way to maintain participation in therapies or enact lifestyle changes is expanding.

With providers and payers looking for better post-care results, gamification in healthcare is being looked to for improve results in medical rehabilitation, fitness management and medication management.

The Holy Grail in the gaming industry is “addictive gameplay”. To achieve this there needs a commitment to continuous production and iteration of new engaging themes for users.

Telehealth/Telemedicine–companies that provide virtual care have technological, political and cultural challenges to meeting growth objectives. With the use of Telehealth as a virtual front door, health systems have the opportunity to provide healthcare beyond geographical boundaries at low costs with effective outcomes. Yet reimbursement, cross-state licensing, physician resistance frustrate full realization of the service.

These different flavors of Digital Health call for skill sets that have unique accomplishments specific to these areas.

what can be done to overcome digital health recruiting challenges?

What Can Be Done To Overcome These Challenges?

In a market where the pool of candidates is small and the majority of possible recruits may not be in your known network, what can be done to overcome these obstacles?

JP Boyle & Associates delivers executive search consulting to Digital Health companies to address these issues.

Typical clients consist of C-Level executives, investors, boards of directors or senior human resource leaders tasked with filling a critical role addressing a targeted business need.

There can be several situations that can trigger the use of an executive recruiting firm

  • You may have an important member of your team suddenly leave your organization.
  • Non performance of an executive has prompted you to reach for a replacement.
  • New challenges, unmet goals or unexpected opportunity indicate that there is a hole in the organization–a hole that if not filled will result in financial loss.
jp boyle & associates global executive search firm

The Advantages of JP Boyle & Associates

Based in Chicago, JP Boyle & Associates performs executive searches for Digital Health organizations across the U.S and O.U.S. in Europe, Asia and the Middle East for the last 16 years.

This history and experience has resulted in several key reasons why companies choose us in the Digital Health space.

cross-organizational experience

Cross-Organizational Experience

We have assembled extensive experience recruiting executives across all functional disciplines such as:

  • CEO
  • COO
  • CFO
  • CTO
  • Business Development Leadership
  • Quality Assurance / Regulatory Affairs Leadership
  • Clinical Leadership
  • Sales Management
  • Upstream/Downstream Marketing
  • Operational Excellence
  • Program Management
  • Human Resource Management

How does this cross-organizational experience help you?

Hard-won experience of interviewing scores of candidates simply means you are the beneficiary of finely honed judgment of qualifications.

Accurate assessment provides you with the assurance requirements are met by selected job candidates.

You will have the confidence that any candidate presented to you has been thoroughly vetted against your rigorous requirements.

You will only spend time in meaningful discussions with qualified and interested candidates thus unburdening your busy schedule.

deep network of contacts

Comprehensive Network and Contacts

Our extensive and well developed network in Digital Health provides you with fast, accurate and effective results.

On an ongoing basis the Digital Health space is being continually mapped.

There is a known universe of companies and contacts that exist in this market. Our state-of-the-art tools leverage social media, the internet, associations and conference directories to keep accurate up to date relationships in the market.

This translates into speed and accuracy when engaged in an executive search.

As proof of this, the Founder of a point-of-care diagnostics company needed to make a critical hire for his company. This was an extremely difficult search based on the specific requirement and the limited number of possible choices in the known candidate universe.

From the time we agreed to work together to the time the selected candidate moved across the country and started on the job, the search took under seven weeks. This was literally a global search as candidates were interviewed as far away as Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, Heidelberg and points all across the U.S. in order to accomplish the task.

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free no obligation consultation

Action You Can Take Now

We recommend having a consultation to discuss the precise strategy and tactics to address these issues with the end result of a plan and timeline to completion that will be tailored to your situation.

What will be the results of an initial consultation?

drill down to the core problem

Drill Down to Your Core Issue

A criticism often heard with new clients is their frustration with their existing hiring process.

“It takes too long; It is expensive; we can’t find suitable candidates; we are uncomfortable with our ability to asses talent; our team is unclear or undecided on what they want; etc, etc etc..”

These prospective clients express noticeable anxiety. They are justifiably concerned with running dry of candidates or hiring the wrong person. They come to an initial consultation to understand how this can be addressed.

An important outcome from this first discussion with you is drilling down to your specific business objective. This is separate and distinct from your hiring requirement.

The importance of getting to the bottom of the fundamental business issue that underlies your hiring need cannot be overstated.

Once the fundamental issue that is affecting your business is understood only then can the requirements and the strategy for the assessment of candidates be brought into alignment.

your organizational culture

Understanding Your Organizational Ethos

Have you ever sat down to interview a candidate who was perfect on paper but a complete culture mismatch for the character of your company?

The result is not only an awkward meeting but a complete waste of time and resources.

What’s the best way to address this?

In the initial consultation we devote time to understanding your company character. The goal of this line of discussion is to identify your ideal persona that has the right success markers and essential qualities for your company.

Time devoted to your company makeup pays huge dividends in accuracy of candidate selection.

road map to hiring success

Mapping Your Path to Success

Discovering your specific business issue can be informative. For some clients the discussion can be a self-discovery to better refine their goals and objective for the role and the company.

The discovery of your critical business issue should lead to these essential questions.

“Who else has had this problem? How have they solved it? Where they are now?”

The answers will reveal the road map of possible recruits that have direct or closely adjacent experience that will bring immediate value to your organization.

compelling message

Crafting a Compelling Message

Having a clear business objective and a road map to where talent currently exists is the next crucial step is creating a compelling narrative around your opportunity.

In our initial consultation, we begin the process of developing your effective recruitment story. You will want to develop a message that breaks through the noise. This compelling narrative about your company, its culture and opportunity will be a powerful tool to attract accomplished professionals in your organization.

establishing timeline to completion

Establishing Timeline to Completion

From this first consultation step of requirements gathering, expectations can now be set for when each step of the process can be completed.

It should be noted that every search especially at senior levels is mainly dependent on the availability of our clients.

Today with the speed of communication it is not uncommon for finalist candidates can be produced, screened, and presented with all the necessary background information within a matter of days without compromising on quality with the proper preparation.

key take away from your consultation

What is Your Take Away?

The initial consultation is highly interactive. At the end you will have a clear idea on where you are and the steps, timeline and costs to establish whether it makes sense to move forward with a search engagement.

When you reach the end of the initial consultation step, you will have a clear understanding of the overall business objective, the type of candidate that would best address your needs, the messaging needed to attract qualified professionals and the time frame to a successful completion.

act today

Next Steps

Board members, C-Level executives and hiring managers can be more competitive with the right leadership in place to address the many complex issues that exist in the Digital Health arena.

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