How is an Executive Search Delivered?


The New World of Executive Search

Welcome to the New World of Executive Search. Today with access to incredibly vast amounts of data, the process of executive selection has evolved from the days of Rolodex contacts and “over the transom” resumes.

The New World of Executive Search is all about mining the data and leveraging the power of the internet, social media, the hidden web in addition to utilizing in-house databases and one’s network of likely candidates. The use of these New World tools maximizes networks and contacts to a far greater extent than in years past. This affords clients greater selection and choice in assessing the field of possible candidates for a given role.

It has been shown that the difference between success and failure to attract and recruit talent is a matter of following each of the steps in the process faithfully to its conclusion.

Of utmost importance when initiating a search is careful attention to alignment across the organization with the objectives of every step in the progression toward a successful hire.


Requirements Gathering: Goal—Position Profile to Include Complete Screening Criteria

As a foundational first step, it is crucial to establish well-defined and agreed upon requirements. A clear position profile should include a description of duties, responsibilities, necessary background experience, desired accomplishments and key expectations for the candidate in this role.

A well crafted position profile will be the principal document that will unify several key points:

  • A clear description of the company, its products/services, relevant history and background that will provide the necessary context to where the company is in its evolution and life cycle.
  • An insight into the culture and aspirations of the organization, why it would be an attractive opportunity to consider.
  • A brief description of what circumstances lead up to the opening itself.
  • Detailed description of the responsibilities of the position to include the expectations and the essential deliverables that contribute the goals of the company.
  • Educational requirements
  • Description of the opportunity that outlines the key reason this is an attractive position to consider


Included in this step should be the development of your unique narrative describing this opportunity with the purpose of engaging and attracting qualified prospects.

This step cannot be underestimated.

It is imperative that the requirements be agreed to by all those who contribute to the final decision on candidates to ensure alignment.

Once completed, a well-crafted position profile will be useful as a screening tool, marketing message and roadmap to locate existing potential candidates and form the foundation of a successful search.


Sourcing: Goal—A Complete List of Potential Candidates

With the position profile as a guide, we use multiple methods to locate suitable candidates. These methods include targeted passive candidate searching and advanced data mining of all on-line candidate sources, target list in-house databases, relevant industry directories, and social media.

All of these tools are used to develop a comprehensive network of candidates and/or individuals who are in a position to recommend relevant and qualified candidates.

From these and other tools, we develop an initial candidate target list.


Screening/Candidate Interviews: Goal—Short List of Fully Screened Candidates

Candidates that have expressed interest through the sourcing phase will go through a thorough telephone screening in order to assess the match from the standpoints of technical skills, business leadership qualities and fit for your corporate culture.


Candidate Presentation: Goal—Candidates Selected for Interview

Once qualified candidates have passed the initial screen, we recommend setting up a 3-way conference with candidates.

This accelerates the process and fine tunes the assessment process. After the 3-way conference phone interviews, qualified candidates will advance to face-to-face interviews with the Company decision makers.


Client Interviews/Process Management: Goal—Well-Coordinated Process Leading to an Offer

Candidates who have advanced to the next step in the process will be scheduled for face-to-face interviews with decision makers.

During the interview step, it may be necessary to coordinate and maintain interviewing logistics, to keep multiple candidates interested and engaged as the process progresses. This could include keeping multiple finalists informed of the interviewing process steps or it may involve closing out unsuccessful candidates in order to maintain positive public relations for your company.


Reference Checks: Goal—Verification of Information

We are is equipped to check professional references provided by the candidate. Once completed, the reference check, including a written transcript, documenting conversations and all attendant contact information for verification, will be submitted to the client.


Offer/Acceptance:Goal—Candidate with a Scheduled Start Date

Once a lead candidate is identified and it is established that an offer will be extended, client’s may opt to have us make the offer in order to mediate any issues, questions or concerns that could arise from this event or the Company may opt to present the offer directly.

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Follow up: Goal—Continuous Improvement

Hiring of a successful and productive member of your senior team is the ultimate goal. To that end, JP Boyle & Associates conducts post-search surveys to determine aspects of our relationship that we can improve to continue to add value to your company in the future.



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