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Nanotechnology Executive Search Firm

Are You Ready to Take Your Nanotech Company to Commercial Success?

Or is your nanotechnology company trapped in R&D misery?

Nanotechnology as a commercial enterprise is maturing. From its formative years in the early 2000s to now, the industry has moved from the theoretical halls of academia to commercial viability.

Many nanotech companies have experienced successful product introductions, sales expansion and exponentially profitable exits for their investment partners.

But some companies struggle to advance their products from the early R&D pilot phase into full manufacturing scale up and into the market.

Transformative Technology

Some well capitalized companies that have crossed the “finish line” to full commercialization with new novel materials and devices now have profound impact on sectors of the economy and enjoy significant returns on their hard-won research and development dollars.

The far more common scenario for emerging nanotech companies includes complex, formidable barriers to reaching the end goal of commercial success: plagued with false starts, organizational misalignment and technical setbacks.

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Do these Issues Resonate with You?

  • You have invested considerable time and effort into developing novel and innovative technology, exhausting available capital. With more capital necessary, you now need an experienced executive to lead the efforts for your next round of funding.
  • Lacking focus, your R&D department falls far behind schedule to meet specific, funding-dependent milestones.
  • You recognize the need to bring in a proven business leader to energize your product development process. However, the time and bandwidth to hire someone at that level makes it improbable to execute.
  • It’s crunch time. You need to show measurable results now to keep investors motivated to stay the course. Rapid intervention is needed to avoid investor burnout, a decision to cut their losses.
  • After commercial launch the company is setting up to have a breakout year but product commercialization leadership is nonexistent in the company.
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Will You Achieve First-Mover Advantage?

Nanotechnology firms have formidable impediments to achieve successful product commercialization. Though revenue potential is vast, financial barriers to entry can paralyze. The balance between technical excellence and executive skill is hard to achieve. And yet is the key to winning the global race, to achieving First-Mover Advantage.

Technical Skill No Longer Sufficient

For an organization that attempts to develop breakthrough products and technologies, what is the pathway to building an effective and viable executive team? Many nanotechnology companies are established as founder-based, R&D-centric organizations, placing their total focus and commitment into technology development.

Some of these nanotech companies will evolve, adapt and adjust their technology to fulfill development goals. But just as a products goes through their life cycle, so does a growing organization. The necessity of new skills emerges when a once academic endeavor blossoms into a fully fledged business entity. Technical skill and scientific achievement are insufficient to carry the organization to commercial success.

Boards and investors seeking to advance the company’s strategic goals, improve valuation and move closer to an exit point succeed when they look to expand the organization’s executive skill base beyond the R&D/product development silo.


Executive Search Consulting as a Strategic Investment

JP Boyle & Associates is nanotechnology executive search firm.

We research, screen, select and provide for you to hire executives for the following functions:

  • CEO
  • COO
  • CFO
  • CTO
  • CSO
  • Business Development Leadership
  • Sales Management Leadership
  • Marketing

We are accustomed to working with technology-driven companies that need to remain focused on the development and protection of their core intellectual property. To do so, such companies need experienced assistance in building a seasoned management team.

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Return on Your Investment

Understanding the challenges and unique demands of working in the science and technology executive search arena gives us a major advantage when serving as your advocate in the market. To attract the right skills, it is necessary to bring thorough understanding to bear on the specific business challenges you confront. This depth of understanding is central to our ability to fulfill business partner effectiveness at the highest level.

For you, one key hire, one critical executive addition can be that “game changer”, worth many multiples for your investment in our services. That return can manifest in a key executive who can lead a successful funding round, a technology head who brings a product into production, a business development leader who conceives and executes a go-to-market strategy or a Chief Executive capable of leading the company to a successful and profitable exit.


Executive Recruitment: Evolution

JP Boyle & Associates has been at the forefront of the evolution of the executive search industry. As the originator of 21st century executive recruitment best practices, JP Boyle & Associates has led the development of state-of-the-art research, data mining and aggregation tools.

Of major importance in any hiring process is the ability to access those executives who possess the precise skills needed in your company.

Through the power of “big data” we reach far deeper into the market thus providing you with the necessary access to talent and skills that will move your company forward.

For our clients, the cutting edge tools we use penetrate market niches with a thoroughness that could not have been done, even 5 years ago.

JP Boyle & Associates is unequaled in using and maximizing the power of the internet, social media, email and other web 2.0 technologies.

Taking Your Message to the Nanotech Market

Having state-of-the art tools and data resources is not sufficient to complete the hiring cycle. Developing with you your unique narrative that will be the catalyst for generating interest in your company is vital to the execution of a successful executive search. Part of every engagement will involve developing and clarifying your communication in order to grab and hold the attention of the people you need to be in contact with.

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Selecting an Executive Search Firm

So it is imperative when selecting a recruitment firm for your organization that it aligns with your organization’s intensity to achieve success. This alignment includes a thorough understanding of the unique challenges that exist in the nanotechnology market.

Moving Your Company to the Next Level

If you require the services of an executive search firm with deep skills and knowledge in the nanotechnology market please contact us here or call JP Boyle & Associates by phone at: 1-847-320-1964 to explore how we can be an asset to your organization.


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