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Executive Search Firm for Tech Startups


Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

  • Time is ticking down to make your next milestone before you burn through your funding.
  • Your board is concerned that key pieces of the management team are missing, yet essential to move programs forward to a “done”.
  • Investors require you to hire a veteran Chief Executive before investing additional capital.
  • Your founder lacks the bandwidth to move from technical evangelist to executive manager.
  • Your product is finally poised to launch, but the existing team has no product commercialization experience.

The management of a VC or Angel funded company has challenges such as managing burn rate, allocating resources economically, keeping timelines to market introduction on course while at the same time driving the company forward with speed toward its end game.

As a startup top executive, one’s time and attention can be pulled in many divergent directions. Multitasking and the ability to maintain high-level perspective one minute and drilling down to a granular level the next, are rare and sought-after skills, few are adept at.

Circumstances can arise where the existing team is inadequate for the tasks at hand, a sudden departure occurs or a fundamental shift in direction requires the timely and expert recruitment of a key executive into your company.

With the need for continuous communication to boards and investment partners, and managing the steady progress toward key milestones, the labor and time intensive task of executive hiring can be virtually impossible to manage on an in-house basis.

precious commodity

What is Your Most Valuable Commodity?

When confronted with hiring in a start-up organization, often the internal human resources to take on the task are limited to nonexistent. This is complicated by the fact that startups demand an “all hands on deck” effort to achieve commercialization and profitability.

So when you need to make a key strategic hire, taking others off of their primary tasks can slow down vital organizational momentum.


Should You Make or Buy?

Larger more mature organizations have significant human-capital resources to draw from–a luxury startups just do not have. In larger companies that have planned for succession, when a top manager leaves or is terminated, often there is someone in line who can step up and take the reins.

In technology startups, that level of human capital depth is simply absent.

Because of this limited “bench strength” startup leadership, boards or stakeholders have to go to the external market and “buy” the talent and leadership resources; and do so quickly.

What's your time is worth

What is Your Time Worth?

Executing an executive search can be a daunting task. When you engage JP Boyle& Associates, we take the responsibility and ownership of the end-to-end executive search process so you don’t have to have attention on carrying out the discovery, screening, assessment and selection of candidates.

We understand the demands and pressures executives have in order to succeed, keeping concurrent projects moving forward. Consequently, we bring to bear all of the tools, expertise and knowledge of your needs in order to carry out a successful executive search in the time frame to match these needs.

what's your startup persona

What is Your Startup Company Persona?

Startups do not have the benefit of wide brand recognition or industry reputation. The company name and products may be completely unknown. In fact, it is often the case that due to the competitive nature of a particular market space or technology under development, it is necessary to remain in “stealth mode” until a major product release.

This can make the task of attracting-presenting your company and career opportunity to potential “rock stars” in your space more difficult. Compare this circumstance to a publicly-traded company with extensive press and PR coverage. High profile firms that have garnered reputation in the public’s mind, are routinely sought out by potential candidates. For a low profile startup, still under the radar, having an advocate who will be your voice and present your compelling story to your recruitment audience gives you an edge, especially when competing against larger, more recognizable organizations.


Executive Selection and Recruitment for Technology Startups

At JP Boyle & Associates we offer executive search and selection for technology startup companies. As a leading executive search consulting firm, we are your confidential adviser that can be trusted to provide an understanding of the dynamics of growing a startup company and offer a road map to enhancing your leadership team.

We research, screen, select and provide for you to hire executives for the following functions:

  • CEO
  • COO
  • CFO
  • CTO
  • Business Development Leadership
  • Sales Management Leadership
  • Marketing

21st Century Solutions for High Tech Startups

The executive search industry has evolved. JP Boyle & Associates has been at the forefront of the industry through the development of state-of-the-art research, data mining and aggregation tools that maximize our client’s opportunities for success by leveraging the power of “big data”.

Through the use of these cutting edge 21st century executive recruitment best practices, JP Boyle & Associates is unmatched when it comes to deep research to identify leading talent.

Providing our clients with access to the largest qualified pool of relevant executive candidates is the goal of this extensive research capability thus increasing the probabilities of a successful hire.

These capabilities reach beyond what any firm of any size in the industry can deliver.

Reaching your precise audience swiftly will have the benefit of accelerating the time to a successful hire and, consequently, shortening the time to achieving your business goals.


Locating Talent Still Falls Short

Finding top performers is only half the battle. Doing deep research to identify accomplished professional leaders is only part of what needs to be done.

We work with you to develop your unique narrative that describes your company and your opportunity. This acts as the mechanism that triggers the interest of established talent to sit forward, express interest and reach for an opportunity to interview with you.

This single attribute improves your ability to attract the thought leaders, subject matter experts and operational leaders to move your company forward.

Contact us here or call up today to discuss how we can be part of your strategy for making it to your “end game”.


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