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is your mHealth app a

Is Your mhealth App Disruptive Innovation or a “Me Too” Commodity?

The explosion of mobile health apps has created an mHealth glut. Boards, investors and C-suite executives are looking for ways to provide value and differentiation as the healthcare market shifts from doctor to the patient empowerment.

With the convergence of digitizing health information, the explosion of smartphone ownership and the advancement of sensors and wearables, mHealth is continuing to grow.

But are too many company’s shooting themselves in the foot?

Distinct Challenges of mHealth

Distinct Challenges of mHealth

All smartphone platforms offer support mobile health applications. Demand by consumers to take control of their health by minimize healthcare costs, being better informed on the choices that affect their health, improving fitness and addressing a specific chronic condition are key industry drivers.

With increasing global competition and low barriers to market entry C-suite executives are concerned with upping their game to offer value and differentiation in an increasingly crowded space.

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Chasing the Consumer User

Fitness apps remain the largest segment of the industry mainly because it has the largest potential market.  But this is a double-edged sword with health and fitness apps being fiercely competitive. Similar to the weight loss market on the internet, it is the most savagely fought over ecommerce market. Pursuit of the health/fitness app space can have comparable impediments with many players vying for market share.

Like the many treadmills that are collecting dust in the basements of well-intended health conscious consumers, health and fitness apps can have the tendency of falling into disuse after the novelty wears off–much to the dismay of app developers.

In an increasingly social-media driven market, where word-of-mouth and online reviews can make or break a brand, unsustained product use can result in disfavor for mHealth brands in social media circles.

For more robust apps addressing specific chronic conditions that collect and transmit personal health information, concerns of information security have mounted around identity theft.

The frequency and scale of health records being compromised has been rocketing higher. The threat has dampened consumer enthusiasm and put mHealth developers at risk for HIPPA violations. The fallout from this has slowed the growth in mHealth.

What Are the Next-Gen mHealth Opportunities–How Can We Seize Them?

With over 250,000 flavors the downloadable mHealth apps available the space is rapidly being commoditized.

Too much cheap supply for too little demand.

high-value mHealth products

What Can Be Done To Combat Becoming A “Me Too” Commodity?

As mHealth evolves beyond downloadable apps to full-blown medical devices, there are opportunities to offer high-value services and solutions that can create separation from the crowded field.

The use of advanced technologies as wearable sensors, and other add on phone attachments that can perform point-of-use tests for heart monitoring, blood oxygen, insulin levels and testing for an array of disease states are in development. Taking this technical power and integrating it with EMR, cloud storage, ongoing assessment and remote monitoring breaks open the possibilities for real disruptive innovation and massive value to health providers and consumers.

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What’s The Pathway to Disruptive Innovation?

Entering into this world is carries with it a whole host of challenges, financial costs, demand for specific leaderships skills and industry know how. Some companies have tried to shortcut the process with limited results. Integration of discrete technologies into a new device takes expertise, market vision, creativity and hard-won experience that are rare and difficult to find.

Finding creative, innovative, insightful executive leaders can be the difference in organizational excellence.

Companies evolve and have their own life cycle. The skills required at one stage of growth will be different than another. When leadership looks to grow rapidly, move up to the next tier or reinvent the organization’s mission, talent is the key ingredient that will be the essential characteristic.

If you are an mHealth board member, C-level executive or investor you may know your company’s challenges and have ideas on how they should be solved. But none of these challenges can be overcome without bold and creative leadership.

mobile health executive recruitment

Mobile Health Executive Recruitment

Stakeholders with a vested interest in the success of their mHealth organization seek to maximize their company’s value. The use of executive search will empower you to reach your goals. You will be putting yourself in the best possible position to succeed by controlling the quality of the leadership that enters the organization.

Is this the only option available to you? No of course not.

But it has been shown that engaging a knowledgeable and an experienced executive search partner can be cost effective and time efficient.

Having access to industry expertise, vision, leadership skills that fill a void or enhance an already exceptional organization, will put you in a position to move your company forward to the position you aspire it to reach.

The process of searching for specific and relatively rare skills and abilities can be time consuming when done in house.  If performing a deep and thorough industry search is not your core competency then the process of discovering and recruiting can consume time and internal resources as well as dilute the organization’s focus.

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Will Executive Search Work For My Organization?

You can prove this to your satisfaction with little risk. We offer a short discovery session to explore your specific situation to look at where you are and where you want to go. Form that information we dig deeper onto where the talent gap may be.

Sometimes there is the situation of a sudden exit of a key executive, thin expertise in a crucial area or the need for sharp change in leadership.

To arrange for a discussion of your specific company’s needs, contact us here via email or call at: 1-847-320-1964.

As a board member, C-level executive or investor you can harness the power of your mobile health organization. Capitalize on the opportunities of producing high-value disruptive health applications by hiring creative, tech savvy, innovative and insightful executive leaders to drive innovation.

Through the effective use of executive search you put yourself in control over the quality of talent that you acquired putting yourself in the best position to succeed in a hyper competitive market.

Call or email us today to take the next step.


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